A sole that is flexible, durable, and very comfortable while acting as a soft natural shock absorber. The crepe rubber used is 100% sustainable and provides a good grip on most surfaces ensuring a protected and comfortable experience.


A sole that promotes excellent wear resistance due to flexibility and comfort. This sole is lightweight with good abrasion qualities to last longer.



Associated with a luxurious look and feel, this sole provides excellent abrasion qualities while offering comfort as it moulds to the foot effortlessly. A sole that lowers foot perspiration after an extended period for breathability and ventilation.



A sole that offers premium slip resistance while ensuring a high tolerance to abrasion, cracking, splitting, and cut/tears. A durable sole that is lightweight in material for ease of wear.


A quality sole with an ultra-lightweight feel with excellent abrasion qualities. Depending on the application it is also oil/fuel and slip resistant. This sole guarantees long-term daily wear due to high levels of comfort and flexibility.